Paleo Pet: The Local Real Meat Pet Food Business (What You Should Know)

Paleo Pet: The Local Real Meat Pet Food Business (What You Should Know)


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Pat admits that it wasn’t until Tiger’s lighthearted presence in her life where her relationship with animals begun to bloom deeply.

“Although I did grow up with dogs and cats at home, my parents were responsible for raising our furry companions—as convention had it. Whilst there was always Vesper, our small Maltese-Poodle whom I came to know during a more carefree stretch, there’s something sweet and profound about connecting with animals from a lens of maturity. Pets are fun as a kid, but developing a relationship with them solidifies when there’s a sense of responsibility and commitment.

The pandemic took place in my mid-twenties—a phase where we often wonder about the things we’re meant to do. Even though the world was going through uncertainty and turmoil, the quiet of isolation urged a lot of us to reflect on our life’s direction: these experiences, although uncomfortable, moved me to a place of purpose. It was during the pandemic where the comforting energy of animals soothed human beings most; realizing how special and necessary their role in our lives were, somehow sparked our mission at Paleo Pet. Today, we meaningfully get to work, hoping to provide our unconditionally loving pets with longer, happier, much fuller lives.


Tiger who is a Golden Retriever, was ironically not mine!” the co-founder of Paleo Pet quips.


“Although I eventually had him as my own, he was initially a new addition to my client’s family back when I formerly practiced Interior Design. I first came across Tiger as a puppy, and it was my first time to connect with an animal in my more grown-up emotional state.”—Pat luckily lived five-minutes away from her fetching neighbor named Tiger (pun endearingly intended). Even though Pat and Tiger weren’t living together, her bond with him naturally grew. And little did Pat know that this newfound friendship would one day bear this unforeseen dream: Pat would have never anticipated leading a company like Paleo Pet; not until an avalanche of serendipitous events had transpired—but it was ultimately glimpsing a family that treated Tiger no differently which moved her to pursue something unexpected, yet completely inspired—not withdrawing her propensity to create beautifully designed things of course. Pat’s intentionality when it comes to brand direction flows so thoughtfully, as seen on every feed and piece of packaging (as her love for detail would require no less).

“Witnessing the strong bond between Tiger and his hoomans was transformative for me—seeing how much they embraced him as their own. It was touching to see Tiger outgrow the beds he once knew as a tiny nugget, only to be welcomed into the same spaces as a fully-grown retriever. Even meals held a kindred place in their routine; I never realized how eating together with our pets could be treated like such. We oftentimes paint feeding our pets in a chore-like tone, but the daily ritual of providing them with excitingly delicious, nutritionally packed meals can be gleaned as something special. Besides touch, food is the love language our pets understand and recognize most.”

Vibrant lightbulb moments began to emerge as Pat spent more and more time with the family that would eventually become her partner at running this conscious endeavor; as the CEO expresses: “Life is comparably short for dogs, but they bring us so much hope and happiness. The way their eyes light up when they see you is such a joy to come home to; it’s these small, simple gestures of love that makes their presence such a sensitive and humbling force in the world. Pets have been a saving grace to so many humans; the fact that they don’t require much makes me want to express my gratitude for them all the more. By setting aside time to be present and infusing their lives with a calm, positive energy, we do their hearts well; through filling their bellies with the good stuff, we honor their life, selflessness, and presence.

Food is what fuels us; ‘we are what we eat,’ as the saying goes—which is why it’s important that we provide our deserving companions with a nutrition-rich diet that they can also enjoy. Dogs, who have been coined “man’s best friend,” eased into our kin a good thirty thousand years ago. Prior to successive shifts in domestication, dogs had wolves for ancestors; thus, making them naturally born carnivores. Until the conception of commercially manufactured pet food, dogs nourished themselves uniquely in the wild; just as we are not born to eat grass or sugar-inundated cereal, dogs are not biologically designed to consume grains. As our truism goes, Paleo Pet is The Diet Nature Intended. Cats and dogs devour what is instinctually appetizing: we don’t need to train a picky eater to prefer meat as it is in their genetic makeup to favor so.


‘The Raw Diet’ is an increasingly popular approach to feeding cats and dogs a biologically appropriate diet. While bringing the same principles to Paleo Pet, we’ve formulated conveniently packaged, ready-to-eat, shelf stable fare so that your furry loved ones can easily secure the nutrition they need.


We’ve dedicated our kitchen to making life easier for you: by providing cats and dogs with an addition to their balanced, protein-packed diet, owners can relieve themselves of the stress and complexity of a resource-intensive meal prep; from sourcing the freshest meat ingredients to ensuring meal time is comforting and delicious, all products are designed to bring you and your pet simplicity, satisfaction, and joy!


In a flavorsome variety of chicken, beef, and pork options, we offer six kinds of crunchy treats and easy-to-serve meal pouches that will not only satiate your pet’s cravings, but save you pots of precious time as well: for a hearty and warm breakfast, lunch, or dinner, casually pop a Paleo Pet meal pouch into a small bowl of hot water for 2 – 3 minutes, shake, rip open, and serve!


While meal time is certainly a sumptuous experience, make sure you don’t miss out on our delectable mix of savory treats; they not only make perfect motivational rewards during obedience training but are handy snacks to pack for trips to the park, beach, on hikes, and on travel. If you’re both drawn to the great outdoors, Paleo Pet is definitely a breeze on camping trips too!


As Paleo Pet prides itself on transparency, we’ve made sure to back our claims up with good old reliable science: having conducted digestibility tests with Dr. Joseph Olarve, Veterinarian and Professor of Animal Nutrition at the University of the Philippines Los Baños, our brand takes great peace in knowing how safe and healthy our products are. Aside from providing pawrents with naturally delicious, swiftly-available, nutrient-dense options, we’re committed to assuaging every valid concern so you both can sleep soundly at night!


Founding Paleo Pet has brought a lot of value to my life; I’m thankful that I get to share my compassion for animals with a team that genuinely cares. We hope to walk the distance with our flourishing community of pet owners too! We couldn’t be any more grateful for the love and support you’ve all shown—we appreciate all the sweet clips featuring your pets gobbling up meal time like there’s no tasty tomorrow; in exchange of savoring such cuteness, we pledge to fill your furry companions’ tummies with more love, treats, much health, and happiness furevermore.”


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