• Dr. Christian Villanueva

    "Natural meat is a great source of protein and other nutrients for dogs. It can help to improve their skin and coat health, boost their energy levels, and support their immune system. Natural meat is also a good choice for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. It is also important to choose a meat that is high quality and free of hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals."

  • Dr. Aiza May P. Hao, DVM

    "(When introducing new food to your pet) Research and read the product and always have proper guidelines when it comes to feeding and transition (to new food). You need to consider that proper nutrition is your pet’s foundation for overall health and wellness."

  • Dr. Joseph P. Olarve

    In a feeding trial conducted by Dr. Joseph P. Olarve, two bowls were placed side by side: one with Paleo Pet and the other with dry kibble. The dogs consistently chose the bowl containing Paleo Pet, indicating its higher palatability.
    Locally produced pet food brand, Paleo Pet, showed a higher digestibility coefficient of 86.80% compared to the mean value of 69.81% for commercially available dry food. This indicates that Paleo Pet achieved a desirable level of digestibility & palatability.

  • Dr. Alfred d.L. de Quiroz

    "Cheap commercial pet food with low quality ingredients can greatly affect your pet's nutrition severely especially in long term use. Most commercial pet food brands consist of corn, wheat, rendered fat, badly sourced by-products, meat meals, oil, and salt. Opting to feed your pet cheap commercial pet food may increase the chance of health complications for your pets! One of the common ingredients to watch out for in your pet's food are Meat meal and By- products. These are commonly found in your pet's food and are usually male day-old chicks that serve no purpose. Some pet food companies have found a way to make them useful by smashing them in a grinder including the beak, head, feathers, and feet as one of the main components to make your pet's food."