Get to know about us!

Paleo Pet is a brand that was founded in 2020, a pandemic born business at Parañaque. Paleo Pet was born from a simple idea. To find the most convenient way to feed our new furbaby, Tiger, the most nutritious, healthiest food possible.

Aim & Vision

Our aim in the beginning was to create a nutrient rich, tasty, easy to store meal using human grade ingredients for our him without having to leave the house.  We believe that our dog deserved better than commercial kibble and to eat the same quality foods as ourselves. 


As a brand, we have come a long way since our humble beginnings in the home kitchen. We feel that it is now our social responsibility to provide pet parents a better alternative to commercial options.

Therefore we have made it our mission to help pets live longer, happier, fuller lives, through proper nutrition and care through our products made to the highest standards of quality and safety. 

A Healthy Option for Pets

After reading the ingredients in what commercial pet food companies put into their kibbles, rendered meat and bulk fillers, we decided quite quickly that this couldn't possibly be the healthiest food for them.

Wholesome, Real Food

We believe that all pets deserve the best life possible and it starts with food -  real food. By following nature’s lead, we aim to provide fresh and nutritious pet food made from wholesome human grade meat without any fillers and artificial preservatives.