How to Care for Senior Dogs: Advise from Jeng Paradero-Mamiit

How to Care for Senior Dogs: Advise from Jeng Paradero-Mamiit

Owning a pet is one of the best things you can do. Nothing compares to the joy of coming home to a loyal companion and the unconditional love they give to you as their owner. However, no matter how fun it may be, we all know that our pets’ lives are shorter than ours.

In this series of People of Paleo, we give focus to senior dogs and how they go through various changes as they age, including graying of the hair, loss of movement, changes in vision and hearing, and increased susceptibility to medical problems. With this, it’s important to pay more attention to how we take care of them, and on top of that list is how we show cautiousness on what we feed them.

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We invite Jeng Paradero-Mamiit, together with her strong, and joyful senior doggos, Argus and Leo. Jeng has been adopting rescued animals for more than 10 years. She rescued Argus and Leo who are now her loyal companions, coming with her on every trip or gig opportunity that she has. She also told us that Argus and Leo were welfare dogs for The Philippine Animal Welfare Society but recently retired just last year.

Jeng tells us more about her experience in feeding Paleo Pet meals to her senior dogs. She actually first saw the brand of Paleo Pet among Facebook groups where she saw a lot of people recommending Paleo Pet meals for pets, especially ones who are picky eaters. Jeng’s doggos were rescues who aren’t exactly at their best health when you get them, and especially now that they’re seniors, Jeng has to be extra cautious of picking out meals that would be best for them and would keep them healthy, active and happy. Senior dogs also tend to be more high maintenance and as owners, we customize the activities that we do with them and the nutrition intake depending on their cases individually.

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Other than this, Jeng was also fond of home cooked meals just so that she knows what ingredients she’s feeding her pets. So when she knew that Paleo Pet meals offer 100% human grade meat with no added preservatives or extra unnecessary ingredients, she just knew that this is the best option for her pets. Jeng also mentions that in taking care of her senior dogs, she could easily spot whenever they’re not feeling well. Argus and Leo get really excited whenever it’s feeding time with their favorite Paleo Pet meals, so when they don’t feel like eating, that’s when Jeng could tell if there’s a problem.

Taking care of senior dogs could definitely bring a bittersweet feeling considering that we can’t be with them forever and we’ll never know when it’s their time to go. That’s why Jeng says to make everyday memorable with your pets, not just with senior dogs, but the moment your little buds are born or the moment you rescue them and are put under your care and responsibility.


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