Why You Should Switch to Paleo Pet (Marliece and Cali's Success Story)

Why You Should Switch to Paleo Pet (Marliece and Cali's Success Story)

Food that is able to deliver good nutrients necessary to our pets is what we– as fur parents are looking for. These days, we may have an ample amount of options when it comes to pet food brands, but we must ensure and be responsible for picking out the BEST for our pets. With that, we’re proud to say that we’re back with People of Paleo: The Series, and we featured Marliece and Cali who shared their experiences in trying out our delicious Paleo Pet Meals. 🐶

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A few of our members of the Paleo Pet team invited Marliece, (who is she) and her playful, super cute pet, Cali, to talk about how Paleo Pet meals were treating them. Marliece mentioned that they’re avid fans of the brands and have been using Paleo Pet meals as Cali’s food for a long time already. Cali’s coat was able to maintain being healthy in a way that its texture felt and looked better. She’s also able to get through a full day of playing around, having cuddle sessions with Marliece, and living a very active lifestyle because of the energy she gets from eating healthy with Paleo.

The way that Marliece feeds our Paleo Pet meals is that she mixes them with boiled veggies. Sometimes, she’d prefer mixing them with oats as well. During the days that Cali feels like being picky, eating Paleo meals alone is totally okay and she’s even able to munch it all down up to the last bowl lick! Other than that, Marliece and Cali’s bonding moments are made even more special with our delicious, crunchy Paleo treats! You wouldn’t want to miss out on making training days more fulfilling for your pet.

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Making the switch may make you hesitate, especially when you know what type of food your pets are used to eating, and that’s totally understandable as fur parents looking out for their pets, but trust us when we say that this is the best decision you could ever make for your babies. Marliece advises to just take that leap and try it out yourself. Take a portion of our Paleo Pet meals and add it to your pet’s old food. You’ll never know, your pet might just find themselves loving the food and loving YOU even more!

More so, Marliece shares just how easy and convenient her ordering experiences are. She mentions how convenient it is during the times you need to stock up or times when you realize that you’re already running out of food– definitely perfect for last minute orders! Here at Paleo Pet, we make sure to execute quick replies to your queries and attend to any questions you want to ask. Better yet, we even offer same day deliveries just so that our meals get to you and your pet in time– ready for munching!

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To sum it all up, we’re waving goodbye to the struggles of looking for food alternatives for our picky eaters, the hassle of giving the wrong food to our pets and settling for commercialized pet food with unwanted ingredients. By feeding Paleo Pet to your furbaby, you’re giving them 100% human grade meals without any fillers or extenders— the safe and healthy choice.

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