Coach Reg’s Training Tips (How to Raise a Happy and Obedient Dog)

Coach Reg’s Training Tips (How to Raise a Happy and Obedient Dog)


In this series of People of Paleo, we feature Coach Reg, one of the dog trainers from The Pet Parents. This group of dog behavior experts are here to help us build a great life with our dogs! With this, they are currently offering 2 types of training programs for their dogs: The Puppy Parent Course and the Adult Dog Parent Course.

Coach Reg’s Training Tips and Tasty Treats for Happy Dogs

The team from Paleo Pet met up with Coach Reg to talk to her about dog training tips, along with her experience in using Paleo Pet treats for her doggy clients. She’s been a dog trainer for 7 years already and absolutely loves working with dogs. Reg’s training tips are to help us build our pup’s confidence, mental stimulation and make training moments all the more fun by rewarding them with these delish Paleo Pet treats!

Enhancing Training Success with Paleo Pet Treats

Reg mentions that her training technique shows that the more you reward your dog the more likely they are to repeat the behavior that they show upon getting the chance to munch on those tasty treats. This type of training does not involve fear, intimidation or dominance because they want to encourage dogs to exhibit good behavior and empower them by giving them the freedom of choice.

The best thing about paleo pet treats based on Reg’s experience with it is that it’s highly rewarding when used as a reward for their clients. It is also convenient how it’s easily breakable and can snap it into little pieces. Reg allows the dogs that she works with to sniff and choose from all the flavors that she lays out in front of them. This helps her to figure out which type of treats her client prefers and what seems most rewarding for them. She mentions that most of the time, their first pick is best. Figuring out which types of treats make your dog drool is about exciting his palate every now and then– making training sessions all the more fun!

Enhancing Training Success with Paleo Pet Treats

Coach Reg’s 5 Expert Tips for Effective Dog Training

With that, Reg now gives us her 5 tips on dog training that you should take note of in making moments with your dog fun for the both of you.

Know What Motivates Your Dog

Coach Reg mentions that whatever motivates your dog has to be something that’s very valuable to them, otherwise, he won’t be motivated to cooperate with you. Treats are the simplest and the very first option in teaching your dog how to be polite. Keep his top favorite Paleo Pet treat for the most difficult types of training or skill-development situations. It may take some trial and error but before you know it, their training session will be much simpler once you understand what drives and excites them the most

Be Specific With What You Want To Train

It’s important to know what you actually want to train your dog into doing. This is so that you can easily set your goals better and do the training with ease. If you don't have a set of objectives or don’t know what exactly you want to teach your dog to do, then this will lead to confusion. On the other hand, if you’re overloaded with objectives, you might pressure your dog too much into the amount of tasks you want him to accomplish.

Start With Small Movements Or Small Milestones

Progress, even if it’s small, is STILL progress! If you immediately expect your dog to accomplish something he’s never done before, then it may actually make things difficult for him to accomplish. Have training goals that you can easily target so your pet can reliably perform each of them.

Lower Your Criteria

Reg mentions that when working on sensitive cases such as aggression cases, dealing with dogs with separation anxiety or any case where a dog is highly active to react negatively, it's a lot better to lower our criterias in dog training. We can’t expect our furry buddies to do something that he’s not used to doing. Even in little steps, we must do our best to help them accomplish what they can, day by day.

Make Training Sessions Short And Fun

Paleo Pet treats actively helps with positive reinforcement. The feeling of being able to celebrate small and big wins with your pup definitely puts a smile on our faces! It’s important to give your dog mental breaks if you notice them losing concentration, and just concentrate on one action each day. Make sure to end on a happy note and give them that extra treat as you end their session for a job well done!

Coach Reg’s 5 Expert Tips for Effective Dog Training

High value treats aren’t just delicious, they’re a powerful tool in your training kit! It’s important to consider factors such as texture, smell and types of treats for your dogs. With Paleo Pet treats, you’re giving them savory and full-bodied goodies that your dogs would definitely enjoy!

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