Why isn't Commercial Pet Food the Best Choice for your Pet?

Why isn't Commercial Pet Food the Best Choice for your Pet?

For many pet owners, the convenience of commercial pet food is undeniable. It's readily available, easy to store, and often fits neatly into our busy schedules. However, in recent years, there's been a growing concern about the long-term health effects of commercially produced pet food.

This article delves into the potential drawbacks of commercial pet food and explores the benefits of minimally processed pet food options. We'll also hear from a veterinarian about their perspective on the ideal diet for our beloved companions.


A Closer Look to Commercial Pet Food

Commercial pet food offers a vast array of choices. Kibble, canned pet food are just a few of the popular formats available —while the convenience factor is undeniable, questions linger about the quality of ingredients and the overall nutritional value these products provide.

Here are some of potential concerns with commercial pet food:

Highly Processed

Commercial pet food undergoes extensive processing to ensure a long shelf life and consistent texture. This processing can destroy essential nutrients and enzymes naturally present in whole foods. 

Questionable Ingredients

Ingredients lists on pet food packaging can be deceiving. Terms like "meat by-products" offer little insight into the actual quality of the protein source. Additionally, fillers like corn, wheat, grains and soy might be used to bulk up the food without offering much nutritional value.

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Lack of Transparency

While some pet food brands prioritize transparency in their sourcing and ingredient selection, others remain less forthcoming. This lack of clarity makes it difficult for owners to assess the true quality of the food they're feeding their pets.

Potential for Contamination

Unfortunately, recalls of contaminated pet food occur periodically. These incidents highlight the potential risks associated with large-scale production and complex supply chains.

A Different Approach through Minimally Processed Pet Food

Minimally processed pet food offers an alternative to traditional commercial pet food options. These products generally prioritize whole food ingredients, with less emphasis on fillers and artificial additives. 

Look at this table summarizing the key differences between commercial pet food and minimally processed pet food:


The Veterinarian's Perspective

Dr. Alfred d.L. “Bong” de Quiroz, a veterinarian of Happy Hayop Animal Care, offers his insights on the importance of minimally processed pet food in a pet's diet:

 "It is better for pets to consume minimally processed pet food due to the preference for reduced chemical exposure and processing. This aligns with the inclination towards natural feeding methods, such as raw feeding or opting for minimally processed food." (Dr. Alfred d.L. “Bong” de Quiroz, veterinarian of Happy Hayop Animal Care)


He also highlights potential long-term health concerns associated with commercial pet food:

 "Feeding pets commercial pet food may have potential long-term negative effects. Extensive processing and lack of transparency about ingredients are the primary concerns. While packaging labels may list many ingredients, they can sometimes obscure the quality and source. Over time, some pets fed commercial pet food may develop kidney stones and skin complications, which are commonly observed issues." (Dr. Alfred d.L. “Bong” de Quiroz, veterinarian of Happy Hayop Animal Care)

When asked about his recommendation for a primary protein source for pets, Dr. Alfred d.L. “Bong” de Quiroz emphasizes the advantages of Paleo Pet:

 "As a veterinarian, I recommend Paleo Pet as a primary protein source for pets. It serves as a beneficial option due to its reduced bacterial and chemical content compared to raw feeding, potentially minimizing infections. Additionally, its ease of digestion makes it a favorable choice. Therefore, if financially feasible, I recommend considering Paleo Pet for your pet's diet." (Dr. Alfred d.L. “Bong” de Quiroz, veterinarian of Happy Hayop Animal Care)

 You may visit Happy Hayop Animal Care and schedule your pet consultation with Doc Bong here.

Paleo Pet as a Natural Diet Solution

Paleo Pet provides a minimally processed pet food option formulated with 100% human-grade real meat. The commitment of Paleo Pet to natural ingredients ensures your pet receives the essential nutrients they need to thrive. 

But, Why Paleo Pet?

Paleo Pet prioritizes your pet's health with high-quality protein and minimal processing. Made with 100% human grade single ingredients like chicken, beef, and pork, Paleo Pet eliminates fillers, additives, and preservatives that are commonly found in commercial pet food. This gentle preparation retains the ingredients' natural goodness, ensuring your pet receives essential nutrients. Single ingredients and minimal processing contribute to easier digestion, improved nutrient absorption, and overall better gut health. Natural ingredients minimize allergy risks often triggered by fillers and artificial ingredients. 

The high-quality protein and essential fatty acids in Paleo Pet promote a healthy, shiny coat and support healthy skin. Paleo Pet also has convenient, shelf-stable pouches, reducing the need to measure ingredients or worry about portion control for your pets.

Making the Switch to Paleo Pet

If you're considering switching your pet to a minimally processed pet food like Paleo Pet, it's important to read the FAQs for a smooth transition. 

Choosing the right food for your pet is one of the most important decisions you can make as a pet owner. By understanding the potential drawbacks of commercial pet food and exploring the benefits of minimally processed options like Paleo Pet, you can make an informed choice that contributes to your pet's long-term health and well-being.

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